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News orgs shouldn't be answering to Wall Street analysts and hedgefunds. They should be answering to the news consuming public.

Wishful thinking?

"He does a lot of things to save face," Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization vice president

Send in the lawyers.


Facing growing public backlash, Mar-a-lago cancels anti-muslim group's event.

Truth: Trump's Mar-a-lago never would have scheduled it in the first place if they really cared.

Today I am thankful that one of my real superpowers is that I can usually read at > 1500 words a minute.

What's one of your real superpowers?

Serious question for the twittersphere.

What is your biggest complaint/gripe about social media?

I am looking for an experienced Ruby Developer for a secret project.

Ruby on Rails

Pro-tip: Politicians that don't want to be branded as conspiracy theorists by the free press should stop repeating conspiracy theory talking points.

Looks more likely now that whistleblower #2 will come forward.

2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney - ABC News -

Perhaps one of the more colorful and descriptive protective pool reports in recent memory.

"“With blood on his fingers and spurs on his toes he will hear whistles wherever he goes.”

Thanks @[email protected]

Quote of the day:

"The President extorted the leader of a foreign country to gin up evidence against a political opponent." - Larry Kramer - Former Dean of Stanford Law School

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I'd like to say this is my first toot, but my wife would beg to differ...

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