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I am working on starting a monthly infosec meetup in my community. Looking for suggestions and tips. Anyone?

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does anyone know a good node.js package to fetch link previews? (opengraph/twitter cards metadata, title tags, etc)

No matter how educated, talented, rich, talented or great you think you are... how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.


Our original plan for the launch of Civiq.Social was to run it in private beta mode for a month with a very small initial user-base.

However I am going to change that a little bit because I want to allow our early adopters (that's you) the ability to grow your (1/3)

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In addition to your posting being part of the Fediverse it is possible to crosspost (aka bridge) your Civiq account with Twitter! This allows bi-directional posting between both accounts.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Visit (1/3)

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Hidden Domains and Blocking a Domain

Civiq is a distributed social networks. That means that our entire platform will automatically connect to other platforms as our userbase grows. That is a good thing in most cases, however that can (1/4)

We are aware that the following URLS are currently dead on Civiq.

These sub-sites will be added in approximately one month.


From the Las Vegas Review Journal. Digital signage or Digital out of Home (Dooh) is nothing new, and like much else in the newspaper industry they are 10 years behind the (1/2)

Acting United States Secretary of Homeland Security Resigns

Reporter: Why troops to Saudi Arabia?
Trump: “SA has agreed to pay us for everything we’re doing to help them”

In other words. Trump is using American troops as mercenaries for the benefit of a foreign power.

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I just want you all to know that I’m porting Slack integrations over to MS Teams today. So my rage level is high.

This morning's invitations to @[email protected]'s Civiq social platform didn't last long so here are five more for the West Coasters.


* the invites self destruct in an hour.

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Today’s reminder of images’ power and how Graphic Medicine might contribute to mental health (especially when the words don’t come easily for the (1/2)

Looking for a UI/UX designer / engineer w/ experience in RoR, React, Redux for a paid contract gig working on Civiq.social.

Pls reply here with your portfolio and where I can reach you!

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